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Xingwen Geopark



Xingwen Karst Geopark is located in Xingwen county, Yibin city of Sichuan Province, where is just at the transitionalzone between the Sichuan Basin and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Within the geopark, the limestones of different ages are widelydistributed. The so-called Xingwen-type karst landform is formed under the specific geographical position, unique geologicalstructural setting, climate and environment. Xingwen is the naming site and earliest studying place of Tiankeng (giant doline) inChina. It is one of typical localities for studying karst landforms in southwest China.

Carbonates and carbonate-bearing strata dated from 490 Ma ago to250 Ma ago are well preserved in the geopark. There are alot of marine fossils and sedimentary marks in these strata. Within the scope of the geopark, the geoheritages are various, thenatural scenery is beautiful and the cultural history is profound. The caves are crisscross beneath the ground, the waterfalls areelegant, and the lakes are dark green. The combination of various geoheritages and specific ancient Bo Nationality and colorfulmodern Miao Nationality integrates into a perfect painting scroll of nature.

Xingwen Karst Geopark, covering an area of about of about 156 km2, comprises four scenic areas, i.e., the surface karstand ground caves scenic area, Mount Bowangshan scenic area, Tai'an karst forest scenic area and Mount Lingxiaoshan scenic area.This geopark is a natural museum for studying the formation, development and evolution of karst landforms, and is just like anencyclopedia of karst geology.


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