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Longhushan Geopark

Longhushan Geopark is located in China's Jiangxi Province,including the Longhushan Xiangshan and Guifeng three parks, which is an integrative Geopark that holds geological, geomorphological, human and natural ecological landscapes.

The Longhushan Global Geopark has abundant geosciences tourism resources. It is an integrative Geopark that holds geological, geomorphological, human and natural ecological landscapes, Compared with other geoparks in the world, Longhushan Geopark has its own unique geosciences tourism resources as the followed. One is Danxia landform that is the major landform in the Geopark, and the other is volcanic landform as a supplementary. It is one of the typical Danxia geomorphological areas of the early aged stage which is mainly presented as isolated peaks, peak clusters and monadnocks. There are four kinds of Danxia landscapes in the Geopark, including Danxia geomorphological landscape, Danxia water landscape, Danxia ecological landscape and Danxia cultural landscape. The geologic vestige in the Geopark recorded the abundant information and the evolution history of the earth since Mesozoic, revealed the outstanding witness of the important geological events, bred densest and finest shaped stone in the world. The Geopark is the hibernacula of Chinese mergansers that are the endangered species in the world. The historical human relics including cliff tomb, Taoism and Buddhism cultures blended with the outstanding natural beauty by a unique manner to form a distinguishing exemplification of harmonious coexisting of human and nature. These natural phenomena and evolutionary processes with international significance and the splendid natural beauty lay out masterly in the Geopark, possessing irreplaceable aesthetic value, scientific value and important protection significance. Longhushan is a masterpiece of nature, is precious natural heritage. With the establishment of World Geopark, it will show the unique deep geological scientific content, excellent ecological environment and rich cultural heritage to the world.




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