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Jingpohu Geopark

Jingpohu Global Geopark is situated in Ning'an of southeastern Heilongjiang, 97 kilometers north to Mudanjiang. The geopark centers about Jingpohu mountain villa, west from Daganpao, east to Bohai village, south from Nanhutou and north to Hamatang. Its area is about 1400 square kilometers. The layout district of the geopark is basically the same with that of the natural reserve of Jingbo scenic spot.

The geopark is abundant in resources, with about 30 lakes of Mudan River systems. The vegetation in the geopark is well preserved, with more than 90% of coverage rate. Impacted and controlled by tectonic and new tectonic movement, three types of land forms and geomorphic features of tectonic geomorphic feature, volcanic geomorphic feature and fluvial geomorphic feature are formed in the park. Around Daganpao at the northwestern park distributes Jingbo volcanoes erupting three times from 5140 years to 12000 years before present, with 4 multiple volcanic cones and a single volcanic cone, 12 craters in total. The volcanic scenery is preserved intact, with integral and typical volcanic geological phenomena. The natural volcanic geological heritage is rare nationwide. In addition, there are sufficient mineral and animal plant resources in the geopark.


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